New Year’s resolutions

As it’s the 1 January I set out below my creative goals and plans for 2018 (my New Year’s sewing resolutions).  This year I will be participating in three (or maybe more) sewing and sewing-related challenges:

  1. #sewmystyle2018 – I haven’t taken part in any sewing challenges before and this one looks like a good one to start with.  I like most of the patterns but am not so keen on a couple of them.  It will be good to push myself out of my sewing comfort zone and think more broadly about what will suit me and what style I want for my handmade wardrobe.  I also like the idea of having targets and a schedule to work to:  left to my own devices I procrastinate or stay within my area of knowledge (currently: t-shirts, knit tops, and easy wovens).
  2. #2018makenine or #makenine2018 – I’m not sure which tag to use so I’ll use both in my Instagram posts.  This will help with my third challenge below and it has forced me to think about what I need in my wardrobe.  I planned this using both the free Seamwork wardrobe collection planner and the excellent sewing planner produced by Athina Kakou.
  3. #RTWfast2018 (#2018rtwfasters) – no buying any ready to wear (RTW) in 2018!  Exempt from this are the following: underwear, socks, shoes jewelery, handbags and belts.  More information on this challenge is available on Goodbye Valentino’s blog.  I signed up yesterday!

I also hope to participate in the #memademay challenge and the one week one pattern (#owop) challenge.  I’ve probably got loads of the hashtags incorrect but I’ll get to grips with it all as time goes on (hopefully).

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